Overheating Phone

The moment I begin a flight my phone gets so hot. This is actually within seconds of the flight starting. Phone is Samsung S20, any help appreciated. Not sure if I have a setting on high that would cause this, either in the phone or game settings.

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Have you checked your frame rate. I am a tech nerd and I know Samsungs struggle with there frame rates.

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Also, clear you scenery catch. It makes the RAM work very hard.

Frame rate is 30. I cleared the cache, will see if it helps. Thanks

put it in rice 🍚

have you tried turning your graphics all the way down?

@Brian_Bartley do you know if you have the Exynos or Snapdragon version of the device? That will likely play a big part on the thermals.

It’s not unusual for a device to get hot quickly: the S20 does have a copper cooling system, and the device getting hot on the exterior is a sign of that heat being dissipated more efficiently

What phone cover do you use. Does ur cover have any ventilation points. And coming to the charger what is its voltage.