Overheating issues

Ever since the 19.2 update has come out, I noticed that when I run infinite flight, my iPad gets very hot. Before I updated it never used to do that. I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the update

A restart might be good to start with.

Additionally, which iPad model is it and what graphics settings do you use?


I have the iPad 2018 9.7 inch. And I’m using high graphics setting like I have always done

I can also confirm this issue. Battery’s draining and device overheating. Not to mention the low framerates. iPad Pro 12.9 2017


You don’t need to do that. He did reply to me.


Yep I have been getting low frame rates as well

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Can confirm on my iPad Air 2. Before 19.2, multiplayer was just fine. Now I notice huge frame drops even on the lowest settings possible.


I have the same iPad as you and I have had no issues during testing. What is your iOS version? Also what are the conditions in which you are experiencing sub-par performance?

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I’m on iOS 12.3.1

I think loading in the new update and the navigation updates as well will require some power to run them. I believe after some time, the game will run as buttery smooth as before!

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Yeah same here, I’m on a pixel 2 and it’s overheating at the moment. All my settings are on the highest but this never happened before the new update.

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