Overheating Device and Lagging

I have an iPhone X and it works perfectly fine on other apps. When I was on final at San Francisco my device started to lag and my frame rate started to decrease. My device has been over heating when descending, all of this didn’t happen in the last version of Infinite Flight. Is this because of my device, or is it just the simulator? Thanks.

20.1 brings a lot of new features to Infinite Flight, which will put more strain on your device. This is doubled down with the sudden uptick in users because of the new update.


Step 1: Enable Low Power mode (on both your device and game)
Step 2: Lower graphics (Textures, renderings, anti-aliasing)
Step 3: Lowest/Low screen brightness
Step 4: Free camera mode
Step bis: Close every app open if there’s some.

My phone is overheating but when I follow these steps above it’s just cooling down like I haven’t used him for a day. 🤯

Hope this helps 😄


When I use low power mode the frame rate drops, I usually have it on during climb and cruise.

So most people are gonna suffer a lot of frame rate loss and over heating?

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It really depends on your device but most people will.

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Me personally think lower the plane amount in Live settings will significantly change
Am using iPad 2018 :(


I was using the same thing until I switched to the iPad Air 3. Bigger screen and better graphics!


I also have an iPhone 11 and it works perfectly (considering that the X uses the same processor).

However, the iPhone X is notorious to be quite laggy and buggy, so I’m as clueless as you are regarding what to do.

@WrongNumberZ Hey. Please try the following steps and see if that fixes it.

Step 1: Close out all applications and restart the device
Step 2: Enable Low Power mode (in game)
Step 3: Lower graphics (Textures, Renderings)
Step 4: Turn off anti-aliasing
Step 5: Adjust the screen brightness to the lowest possible setting

Please also refer to the official document from Infinite Flight about performance. I will link it below.

I recommend you to remove your phone case (if you use one) when flying or controlling and play with the charger attached and DON’T play with Low power mode on cuz it will make your game run very slow and overheat fast and something you could also do is go on IF then settings => Live and set the “Airplane count” to medium or lower and tick on “Hide Airplane Names” and “Hide Airplane Dots” these three settings have a big impact when they are turned all on cuz if you are coming into a busy sector like EGLL your device can start lagging cuz there are a lot of plane dots on the screen but when it’s off it should make the game more smother oh and also you should turn off Anti-Aliasing (If you are more into flying then the visual looks of your Airframe) from the graphics settings as it also have an impact on game play and keep on “Limit Fram Rate” it should help your device from not overheating but you might experience some slow frames but overall if you try these settings you should get a better game play.

i have an iPhone X as well and never experienced any issue since 20.1 sometimes kinda laggy but the app never crashed and i did 2, 10 hr flights since 20.1 and it both went smoothly.
edit: my phone doesn’t heat up that much as well. Try avoiding thick phone cases.

I find take off / climb is a lot laggier than descent and landing.

I flew LEMD to EGLL yesterday in the 777.
Madrid was not controlled and had only one other plane at the airport, but take off was horribly laggy.
However descent and landing into controlled and busy Heathrow was much, much smoother, even with frame rate limiter on.

I was about to post about the same topic until I saw this lol. I use an iPhone XR, and it is in perfect condition with no problems but I am having the same problem as you where not just on descent, but throughout the whole flight my phone goes from slightly warm to hot. This also started happening since 20.1 came out. I haven’t done a flight in about 3 days because I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to damage my phone’s battery.

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I have the same problem as you all guys. Since I updated the game to 20.1, it started to lag itself and to overheat. It didn’t happened to me with 19.4, where the game went very well and without any problem. Just when I started using the new update, it lags a lot (specially in rushed airports). I cannot use de new b777 because it goes so slow and lagged.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, what do you recommend to solve that? I switched all settings to the lowest mode but nothing changes.

Maybe its time to change my device, I don’t know, what do you think?

The iPhone X uses the A11 Bionic Chip, the iPhone 11 uses the A13 Bionic Chip. They have different processors.

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Oh yeah, my bad.

Wonder how well does the XR perform

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It performs really well, it barley overheats. It can easily run on all high graphics.

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