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Hi all .I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it keeps on overheating and closes up .Before the B777-300ER update, my cellphone has absolutely worked perfectly I have done whatever possible in order to reduce this pain .I mean this by saying that I have enable power saving mode and everything that you could possibly think of .I do fly in a warm and sometimes extremely hot room ,however when I flew in this environment before the B777-300ER update ,my device was smooth with no crashes .I honestly think that my device is done for long haul flights .I think that it cannot handle the pressure of the application .Even when I am on other applications my device overheats, however it does not close the application down .I would appreciate any opinions .Cheers .

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The edge version seems to run fine on medium settings according to this:

Smartphones and tablets don’t usually have thermal paste but some higher end smartphones models use thin copper pipes for cooling while a few tablets use thermal pads. As your S7


It might be deteriorate overtime due to continue high temperatures (probably your case) as the copper pipes are not anymore able to handle those temperatures! :)


Some tips for device overheating:

• Turn on battery saver
• Lower graphics
• Disable Anti-aliasing
• Turn brightness to lowest setting
• Avoid using apps in the background

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I know you said you are using low power mode but what are your graphics settings?

Reducing it or the tips above will help. Especially if it is to the point of the OS killing the app.

Very very very unlikely. Copper pipes are designed to withstand temperatures well in excess of 150°C, a temperature a phone would never reach under normal circumstances.

The S7 is one of the many devices straddled with the Snapdragon 820, a processor notorious for its ability to chuck out some substantial heat. The exynos variant is also relatively similar. It doesn’t help that the device is several years old, and IF becomes more graphically demanding with each update.

But its also worth pointing out, a device becoming hot isn’t always a bad sign: it shows that your device is managing to disperse the heat more effectively. The S7 uses its screen as a way to dissipate heat, so it’s not exactly abnormal for it to be warm when under a high load. Heat should only be a concern if it’s consistent, or too hot to hold comfortably. At that point, you are pushing your device too hard, and you should follow the advice outlined above in regards to graphics.

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