Overheating causing my iPhone to Close the app

So I do a long haul flight lax to heathrow and I was actually recording it for a video and I saw that it said my phone was overheating so it closed the app 5 hours into the flight does anyone know how to fix it? Or how to prevent overheating while doing long flights?

Simple answer: put a fan under your phone


Turn your brightness to minimum and put all graphics settings to low.


To prevent your device from over heating I would recommend not recording. It takes tons of data.

Or you could select a the gn in settings allowing the game to go into low power mode when you haven’t touched your device for a certain amount of time.

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Take a look at the posts from Dan and Luke. They contain almost everything you can do to prevent overheating.


Well, to preventing overheating, it’s recommended during cruise, that you:

  • Enable low power mode
  • Dim the phones screen
  • Have all graphics on low (lower aircraft count and turn off anti-aliasing)

It also helps to close all apps running in the background and restart your device before long flights.


Sounds good thanks guys!


This might sound like a bit of a stupid idea, but it actually works. During the summer my phone would overheat while playing Infinite flight, and while there is currently snow outside so it is colder inside my room, for summer overnighters, I did this, and it is actually very effective. It would also be best to take off the case of your device while doing this, so more “cool” gets to the device.

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Try lowering the brightness or graphics settings in order to lessen the strain on your phone. Or, if you want to, put your phone on low power mode. Hope this helps!

Might I ask, did it like actually overheat? Like with the alert and everything? Or did it just get hot? Becuais your phone can get fairly hot before it overheats…

Yes at the end lol cuz It stopped at 5hours recording and then i was in the end that the pthing came up and turned off I think my phone actually restarted and it was super hot

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