Overheating because of IF

My M1 iPad Pro kind of overheated yesterday after being 6 hours into the 12 hour flight. This is the second time this is happening on LOW GRAPHICS. IF is using excessive and unneeded power. And if u ask, my iPad is less than 1 and a half month old. My last flight was 3days ago. This is ruining my iPad too. Pls say what i should do. This is very annoying indeed


Do you have any sort of covers put on your iPad? Covers can prevent heat from escaping the device which can lead to overheating in both external and the internal parts of the iPad

As well as that is the room well circulated, and is it on something that can heat up pretty easily like a blanket of some sorts?

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No not all. I make sure that my iPad is without any covers or cases. And i put on my steel type of cabin which is obviously like freezing cold during these times. But still its overheating

Yea its open and the wind is open too letting inside cold winds nowadays i wonder what will happen if this issue continues as the temp in my places can go upto 50°C

do you lay your device on a table? Try getting your device to stand on something.
I find 50℃ VERY HOT for an environment. Try putting a fan blowing towards your device

Use a fan. It works SO well. Actually cools it down even on high graphics, I would recommend it a lot.


No i meant to say, after a few months the temp can go upto 50°C. Now its like 1°C

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Just use the fan, it works so well

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I will try

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Okay. Make sure it’s blowing directly on your device, preferably on the screen. Set it to high as well.

Yes its kinda table but not a wooden table, you know right one of those kitchen basin type of steel. And its very very cold during these winters

Alright thanks


I recommend we start safe on low first, then if possible increase the graphics. We want some insurance first

If this problem continues i have no other choice but to leave If. Cuz this has started to affect my battery slightly

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make sure the back of your device is not in contact with the table and exposed. This will improve ventialtion tho

IF crashed too

Well of course yeah

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Oh trust me it’s affected my battery as well

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I did that too. Screen down facing the table