Overhead Camera causes the app to close

I have tried to do a Paris to New York flight and unfortunately I didn’t complete it.

I was in the middle of the Atlantic after about 3 hours in the air when I wanted to take a look at all the cameras that we have available. One of the camera (“Overhead” ) has caused my flight to stop immediately and it closed the app. I had a very smooth flight and I hadn’t got any issues during this flight except this one. I hope it will be fixed soon.

This update is amazing and I want to say thank you again FDS for offering us the world in our hands!

-Samsung Galaxy S6
-Android 7.0
-OpenGL 3.2

It might have just been an overload or something - I’m guessing here, but the overhead view must be a bit heavier on your device as it has to show the ground and the plane (IT experts feel free to rebut me). I presume that it’s working fine now - I guess if you tried now it would be fine or does it still crash?

It works fine when I am above the continent or airport.
I believe it is the fact that I was above the ocean and the cam was far away of my plane that causes the app to close.
I will not touch at this camera when I am above the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean now :)

My guess to reproduce this bug is:

-Fly in the middle of the Ocean

-Switch between cameras and go to the last three ones in the far right (Tower cam, overhead, …).

The camera will be at an airport in the ground far away of your plane and you see the terrain around you loading. The app will close and the flight will end at this moment.

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