Overhead Break(fast) with the Cobras @ KTOA - 231300ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Socal

Airport: KTOA

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: please leave at least 3 nm separation between arrivals unless in formation. Also, please only fly some kind of fighter jet

Hello! The next event being hosted by the Cobras will be Overhead Break training held at our home as, KTOA. What is an over head break you may ask? Well an overhead break is what the military uses as standard arrival procedure in war zones. It minimizes time spent with gear and flaps down, and keeps your airspeed up on approach.
All is explained in the picture, but here are some modifications for our home airport.
Enter straight in runway 29R from at least 10nm away.
2000 feet at 10nm decending to 800 feet agl.
Between 350 and 360 knots over the numbers on the approach end of 29R
ATC will be provided with by IFVATC so please DM @N1RG for a link.

Once you have landed, please clear the runway to make room for the next arrival, and feel free to join us on our discord to chat afterwards or to take screenshots. See you there!
People attending


Sign me up please, sounds fun

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Put me in …

Event is in 24 hours

Put me in pleaseeeeee

Event is in an hour @Gavrilo @AVIONICS @anon34262331

Date says 23 :/ I might not be able to come in today

It’s the 23 in Zulu time. So like in the states it’s the 22nd, but it will be 1am, the 23rd in Europe, where Zulu time is

Event is starting. Cya guys there

Zulu time doesn’t change. Thats why there’s only one zulu time. So it can be coordinated. Maybe you thought differently? 1300 in zulu time is 0600 AMPST 0900AM EST 0100Z is 1900PST & 2200EST

That’s what I’m saying. It’s 1 in the morning Zulu time, but still 9 here on the east coast of the states. So it’s already the 23 in Zulu time, but in EAST it’s still the 22. Anyway the event is over, doesn’t matter

0100 is 1 am. You’re right but you’re event says 1300z

Your event states 1300Z which is 100 PM…and since l am in USA EDT that would be 0900 or 900 AM tomorrow morning…on April 23…was interested in attending it…but you say it has already started…please clarify

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