Overhead approach

Can IF accept the overhead approach?
I tried like that on training server ( ATC I’m sorry ).

Could you possible clarify what you mean with an overhead approach?

(Do you mean you fly across the airport before flying a bit outbound and then joining final?)

If no ATC is available and traffic allows for it you may do such manoeuvres.

If ATC is there it’s unlikely you’ll receive an according clearance. But those who do more ATC in IF will surely confirm whether I am right here.

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This link helps.
Yes I had to do that. I will follow arc’s clearance.

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I you want to do something different which isn’t covered by the in game ATC interface you can always try sending a PM to the controller. Only do this if it isn’t busy.

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I have done a couple of overhead joins, however that was mainly when flying GA rather than anything bigger and the overhead was part of the published approach.

Only done it when there was no ATC on either TS or ES.

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Checked this out. The problem is that you can’t really state your intentions via the ATC menu in IF. Therefore you basically can’t execute this with active ATC in IF (at least not without using some tricks like announcing a go-around and hoping for a left pattern and re-clearance for final, but that wouldn’t be a good way to communicate with ATC as a go-around shouldn’t be something you plan on from the beginning.

If anything in here isn’t according to the IFATC guidelines please don’t hesitate to inform me and I will correct accordingly.

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Thanks for your helpful information!!

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No problem, glad I could help!

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