I have never in three years of flying on IF slept through the time I had to decend and land until today. I was confused when I woke up , it looks like I was just circling the last waypoint on my plan? I couldn’t tell exactly. I wish you could see where you have been with a green line like you with can other planes previous paths.

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I’m a little confused at what you’re asking but if I understand, you can vote for that here ⬇️


If you go onto LiveFlight and click on your plane you’ll be able to see the exact route your flight has taken


you can always track your own flight on Live flight!


You can also check your replay to see what happened!

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It’s because the flight plan did not plan on you being that high and that fast at that waypoint, so you missed it and it kept circling until it hits it.

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Oof, hate it when that happens

I’d rather have it happen, honestly. If I’m doing a long haul I’d rather not end up cough halfway across the atlantic cough

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It was one time😂😂😂

So you are the Emirates 77W that is circling around EBBR yesterday?

Is this you? (dont mind the screen of the right, i am just a YT Premium user)


I recommend you not to sleep while doing a flight. I never sleep while flying, i did sleep once on a 19 hour flight but my twin bro was monitoring and watching the aircraft.

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If you do an overnight flight, I recommend waking up 1 hour before the flight is arriving to its destination, so that you have the time to descend into the airport and land

I mean every single night for the past like 3 months I’ve been doing a flight over night and I wake up just fine. It was just that one time I messed up. Autopilot is extremely reliable. As long as you’re smart enough and fuel up correctly and look at the winds you will encounter, I say it’s safe

@Tyler_Barley. MaxSez: “Lost in Space”, Not, it’s called “Loss of Situation Awareness”, or possibly you where just delusional!

I conclude that you slept while attempting a Long Haul, Pilot Error plan and simple!

Your craft was in AutoPilot, overfly your Destiination the aircraft would continue in a straight line on IF without any human interference or empty fuel tanks.

The Craft could not initiate a a circle unless it was programmed or by hand flying.

The solution was to execute a “Reciprocal Course”which would have returned you to your planned recovery point and a successful conclusion.

A “Green Line”. No, It’s not the a solution. Airmanship is.

G’nite All, Max

Okay wow! Now that’s commitment 😂

@Aniket_Joglekar. MaxSez: Commitment, Not!
It’s Brotherly Love 💕

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