Overcontrolling "nobody" at KSEA tower and ground (TS1)

Idk who this was (especially given their extremely un-unique in-game name of “nobody”), but they sent me an on guard warning when I was inbound over 40 miles out (nobody was manning approach and KSEA Tower didn’t even show up in my ATC menu for another three minutes), sent another flight redundant rapid-fire messages (telling them to line up and wait, then to expedite three separate times, all within the span of 30 seconds), and harassed me for not having a taxi clearance when they themselves had given a taxi clearance 90 seconds earlier. I can’t find a feedback thread for this person, and I don’t wish to sound non-constructive, but the overcontrolling was a bit out of hand.

If this was on training server there isn’t much you can do. Just work hard and get to expert server!


As your title indicates, this is the Training Server, so it’s bound to be disorderly. What I recommend is to just ignore what they’re doing. Inexperienced I suppose. But as @Kevin_Potthast said, keep on Striving for expert and you’ll make it

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Yeah thanks, figured as much 😣. I usually fly on the Expert server, but I pulled a stupid earlier this week and failed to maintain proper separation while showing up as Unknown to the controller (again very much my fault), so I’m busted down to Grade 2 until Sunday.


Saw you there last night @PDXgimlet and did the same thing to me kinda made me mad. No more TS1 for me lol.

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