Overcast Pan Practice in Las Vegas

Hello Everyone


Vegas bois got the day off school (except Kamryn, loser), so I went planespotting at McCarran. Today was overcast, which is quite a change from the normal sunshine. Because of this, I was able to practice my lower shutter speed photography and get some great pans! I hope you enjoy.

American Airlines - Boeing 737 MAX 8 - N329SL

First time spotting the AAL B38M with my good camera. Sweet plane!

Maverick Tours - Airbus H130 - N856MH

Pretty tough shot considering I was using my zoom lens and this guy passed about 30 feet in front of me…

Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737 MAX 8 - N8749Q

My first good shot of a SWA B38M. Love the MAX.

Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737-700 - N415WN

Pretty regular visitor to LAS. Note the messed up registration.

Private - Bombardier Global Express - N711MC

Super slick all-black paint job. Unfortunately I was too close for a full shot, so I got a close up instead.

jetBlue - Airbus A320-200 - N639JB

High rise!

Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737-700 - N943WN

The plane I came to see, with a nice smoky touchdown!

Hope you liked looking through my pictures from today, let me know what you thought and have a great rest of your day/night.



I’m wondering what are they talking about…

Cool pics


I hope they are observing sterile cockpit rules


Imagine not having a random Wednesday in the middle of the school year off like I do 😎


“Sir, we forgot to load the cookies. Permission to taxi back to gate?”


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