Over the South at dusk: Breeze E190 KXNA-KMSY

Hello everyone! Today I became the new Chief Pilot at @BreezeVirtual, so I thought I’d file my first flight and post the screenshots to celebrate. I decided to take the hop between my home airport, Northwest Arkansas National (KXNA), and New Orleans (KMSY).

Flight time was exactly 60 minutes. It’s supposed to take over 50% longer, but an 85 knot tailwind got us there incredibly early.

Pushing back from B1 as @Travis_Chuang parks his Delta 737 in the background (btw bro A7 is an American gate, you can’t park there🤪)

Gear up while the airport and beautiful Arkansas horizon looks on.

Leveling off at FL290.

On final for runway 20 at KMSY.

Floated it a tad past the threshold, but ended up buttering ‘er down right on the centerline.

Shutdown at gate A5.

Hoped you liked my screenshots! Let me know which was your favorite below!


That level off at FL290 is such a breezy shot! Excellent photos :)

I see what you did there🙃 thanks a lot!

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Haha you got me, no worries!

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Seriously Nice. shots! We are glad to have you our new Chief Pilot!

Breeze Virtual


Good flight bro

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beautiful pictures


Thanks bro!

Thanks! It was a lot of fun