Over the beatiful Ngorongoro crater

1) Background to the photos
1st Photo-Over the beatiful Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania
2nd photo-Landing at HTKJ (Kilimanjaro airport Tz) from HTDA (Dar Tanzania). Behind is the Kilimanjaro mountain, the highest in Africa

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

1st- I was enjoying my free flight from HTLM (small lake manyara airport in Tanzania) to HUEN (Entebe airport-Uganda)
2nd - HTDA to HTKJ
In training server

3) Photos


Kate, now we finally know what a meteor crater looks like in Infinite Flight! 😃



Good spot my dude!

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Sorry, but it’s not an impact crater. It’s a volcanic caldera. It was formed when a volcano imploded in a large eruption.

@Kate_Russell’s search for an asteroid impact crater continues…


I shall stand corrected. The journey goes on. 🧭

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