Over the Alps!

Hey IFC!

Thought it would be nice to a nice little flight over the Alps! it turned out reall nice, and I hope you enjoy the pictured that I took!

Flight details
Aircraft: Cathay A359

Route: N/A

Flight time: 15 minutes

I added a Rain effect to the first photo!

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Have a great day/night!


The last pic looks really real! 🤩

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I know, isn’t it beautiful!😍

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Wow those are amazing! So realistic!

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Little error 😉 Nice pics though!

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Beautiful shots!

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Really fantastic shots of the most amazing Alps! Thanks for sharing!

Little pet peeve: It doesn’t rain that high up…

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@Infinite_Flight_Sims Thank you!

@anon9524891 Thanks as well!

@Reid, Thanks! I will fix it!

@JulianB I know, I was just testing out some effects! Again, thanks!


Nice photos! I’ll now have to explore the Alps sometime.

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Thank you! You should totally do it! You wont regret it!

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