Over subscribed

When I renewed my Air Traffic Controller subscription the other day, I thought it was either a wifi issue or a password issue, it kept asking me for my password so I kept doing it. Now it seems I bought more than one annual subscription.
It would be one thing it they added on, but it just says I am good until next year.
Who do I talk to about a refund for the ones I overpaid?

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@Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton are the guys to talk to about this.

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If you really want to refund it you can, but after your current one expires the next one should activate.


Tristan, are you using Apple or Android currently? I look forward to helping resolve your issue!



And as awesome as Infinite Flight is… as I said I kept trying my password = so I cannot say for sure if in 6 years from now I will still be playing it :-(
Is there some assurance that my subscription is good for 6 years? As I said in the game it just says subscribed until 2018

Plus what if there was a change and you had some different pricing model, that would just make things complicated, wouldn’t it?

Thank you for the response. Apple controls all of their purchasing to include refunds. Unfortunately we are unable to issue a refund from our end directly. Please contact the Apple Support team, explain the situation, and give your request. We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.