Over speeding at 175-180kts?

OK I had a flight to Dallas Fort Worth and it was telling me I was over speeding but I was only at 175 to 180 kn and penalize me and brought me back a grade one now I’m really upset and why is this happening?


What altitude and it depends the aircraft u were in


Did you take a screenshot?

Was your actual speed 180 or your AP setting?

Did you previously overspeed and the warning just never disappeared. The latter I believe is a known issue, so if you set your AP to 180 while above 10k but didn’t actually drop down, [recalling that AP setting is not actual speed], it may continue to say you’ve received the violation, although you received it earlier than that point.

This is always suggested, but we have yet to see a single screenshot or video of it happening. If it was a glitch, it would affect all users, or a large subset of them, not just the occasional person. And there would be at least one image. Out of all of these threads, nary a one.


It was like 10,000 ft. Airbus-330-300

Overspeeding at 180kts? That doesnt sound right… maybe it was you’r VS because there is no way you are going to overspeed at 180kts ever unless your in a C172 then maybe I would have been like well that’s why.

It would benefit you and help us in helping you if you could recreate and post a screen shot of the violation warning occurring. Try to be as accurate as you can without reducing speeds or making any changes once the warning pops up and prior to your screen shot.

  • more than 10,000ft = 260 kts or more
  • 10,000ft or less = 260kts or less

At 180 kts you shouldn’t be experiencing any speeding violations while flying in the 330.

This is when those screen shots and recreations really come in handy.

What doesn’t come in handy is seeing a warning, cutting your speed to 180 and sending in a screen shot. The warnings and violations happen quickly, as they should.

Please provide more in-depth details so that this can be accurately approached and fixed if needed.


This topic might help:

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