Over speed violations

Hi guys, it’s hard to rectify an over speed on descent, so I try my best and get 5 violations in the space of 60 seconds. Is that right?

You should descent at a lower rate and use spoliers.

Stay above 11,000 til you slow to 230 kts to be on the safe side. Then descend below 10,000


Thanks, I will try in a week once I clear this lot of violations lol

My point being, I was aware that I was speeding but got so many violations whilst trying my best to sort it out.

You and everyone else that’s done it. There’s 20 seconds in between each, and the rule is well known. There’s nothing wrong with the system. Just slow down (leveling out if needed) above 10k.

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A learning curve for me, only been on just over a week, everyday is a school day as they say :) thanks


Always make sure you’re starting your decent at a good time, not waiting until your 50nm away to descend from 30,000ft (Not that you are, just using that as an example). Plan accordingly, and if you’re not under 250kts (like the posted above said, make sure you’re not riding the line at 250kts under 10,000ft) do not go under 10,000ft. Make sure you’ve established your speed before continuing your descent.

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Which is fine, we all start there. Just try it out on Casual a few times and make sure you monitor your speed closely, since you won’t get violations if it’s not quite right yet (you’ll just have to make sure you’re closely monitoring the speed yourself, but at least no vios).

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