Over speed violations don’t count when you afk is over 30 min

Ik this will probably never make it in no matter how many votes it gets but I thought I should make the topic anyway.

Anyone else ever oversleep on long hauls and Accidentally turn on VNAV. or maybe your brother/sister turns on VNAV when your asleep.(my brother just did that not me and now I got 3 more violations that isn’t even my fault) I believe that when your afk is over 30min when your get overspeed violations they don’t count to your account. Yes you still will be disconnected etc.
But you will still keep your grade 4/5z

Let’s see how this goes.

I like the idea but it should be after 3/4 hours before the violations don’t count.

That’s a bit long tbh imo


that is a little long but 30min is to short people will abuse it.

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Maybe one hour than? Also it would still disconnect them

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If you overspeed in the real world, no matter what your excuse or flight duration is, you’ll be calling the FAA. Doesn’t make sense to accommodate pilots who descend while not monitoring their device during critical phases of flight.

Keep it real™…


But is this the real world? And there are so many factors that makes these twitch his completely unrelated

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This definitely would be abused, 100%. Violations while you are not at your device is just a risk you take when you are not at your device.


I hear a lot of folks on this forum spewing all the time about realism™. Then things like this. Doesn’t generally square up.

As for this idea, as @Trio mentioned, people will just abuse it. Use at as an excuse to set VNAV when they go to sleep and hope they get up in time. Takes away the incentive to plan effectively because you can just wait and see if you get disconnected.

Also, doesn’t prevent you from getting reported for not being unresponsive while climbing and descending in a controlled airspace.

Overall, you are supposed to monitor your device during critical phases of flight which includes climb and descent. There shouldn’t be a “shortcut” for this.

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More so when they are awake I was thinking and want to get their faster, or whatever reason someone would have for flying that fast.

But the point is that you over sleep which is the reason why you have to have a 1 hour afk in order for it to to count.

You will have the afk so you won’t get reported lol

You can totally be reported if you are descending even when away. There is a report for just that reason.

Regardless, this is never going to happen so not worth the debate.

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Never happened to me

BuT ReAlIsM!!! 🙄

I love these fine folks, hopefully one day they will learn to have fun. 🙃

This is a bit rude and doesn’t contribute to the topic.

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If you know nothing about me, it’s that I think this forums obsession with realism™ is ridiculous.

IF pilots couldn’t be further from anything, and personally I don’t care. I despise realism topics.


I think overspeed violations are overspeed violations and if you as a pilot makes an error, you should face the consequences. If you put VNAV on and fall asleep, it is the pilots fault for overspeed game once below 10,000ft.

If you however receive an over speeding violation and it is not your fault like that one time when all the planes fell out of the sky due to a weather update, those kinds of incidents resulting in violations can always be removed by staff.

My point is it’s the pilots duty to have control of their aircraft and if it is they are away from their device and get a violation, then it is what it is.

Overall, I like this idea for sure but just don’t think it should be implemented into the sim.


@Matt001 this would be nice for you

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So you can still sleep for awhile without getting a violation

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It would not be a good idea! … Since when you use VNAV it literally takes between 20 to 25 minutes to land, many would abuse that, about 5 minutes even for me it is perfect! …

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