Over Speed Violation Above 10,000ft AGL

I was recently flying from CYUL to KLGA in the E175. Once established at FL280 I stepped away from my iPad. Unfortunately the engines were still in climb power setting. When I got back saw I had received 3 over speed violations. Does anyone know why there are speed limits above 10,000ft? Although I likely exceeded the Vne of the equipment this should not constitute a violation let alone 3. In the real world this could result in structural damage to the aircraft and possible crash depending on the degree and duration of excessive speed. But in my opinion this should not be recorded as a “violation”. Thoughts?

Sorry to hear this unfortunate incident above FL100

Take it as a lesson learned, You should have set IAS to 290 on autopilot while climbing & lower the climb rate if you ever walk away from the screen while still climbing to cruise alt.
The speeding violations you occurred happened because you have not set autopilot and allowed for the power setting to increase speed thus incurring speed violations.

I’ve been there, and it’s not nice😎

Thanks for your comment and I agree… it was an oversight on my part but I still do not agree with it being recorded as an over speed violation. It is an airmanship issue that if nothing else should result in the flight being terminated. Again the structural impact on the aircraft is directly proportionate to the degree and duration of the excessive speed.

It’s a rule that you accept by choosing TS or ES. If you want to be free of this restriction, CS is provided. It seems reasonable that restrictions increase with the server used, in terms of airmanship as part of the definition of increased realism.

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Irrespective how you may view it as excessive with speeding violation, it usually occur when it goes above the speed limit for the structure integrity of the aircraft, in your case the E175 and you will be alerted to it for 10 secs before it issued a speed violation, followed by two more (the max allowed).

In the past it used to be more than 3 speed violations, but that’s changed, I once had 5 violations in one go!
There are procedures set in stone and it’s every pilot responsibility to ensure it is complied with.

You can always appeal on the basis of unfairness but I doubt you will get them removed as it is system generated and you admitted you should be at controls at the time of the speed violations.


The point I am making is that given the realism imbedded in IF the rules and parameters should reflect real world operations and conditions.

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They do. If you fly faster than the MMO, there could be irreparable damage to the aircraft as well as other repercussions to your license.


Exceeding the aircraft structure integrity cruise speed is not realism and outside of the parameters actually!

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This is a lesson learned and I will definitely be more attentive in future. But I think terminating the flight without the violation is a better way to deal with situations like this. Jmho 😏

I agree but as I mentioned previously the amount of damage depends on the degree and duration of the excessive speed.

That’s true. Which is why the violation is not imposed immediately when you start overspeeding :)


But one could make this claim for any violation, which removes the reason for inclusion in the category of violation: to increase the challenge inherent in expectations of increased realism. If the error is erased by flight termination rather than a violation, then the consequence doesn’t really register as a consequence (to be avoided in the future).

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Valid point… and given I was not at the controls I actually do not know what speed triggered the violations.

Noted however given all the prep that goes into a flight I would consider it being terminated as a consequence.

Thanks everyone for your input and comments… bottom line is that we have to play by the rules even if we don’t like or agree with them.

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I can kind of see your point, though I don’t necessarily fully agree.

I personally think the current system implemented in relation to violations particularly excessive speed violations is a better one than the previous one.
In your case, you should be thankful it is not more than 3 violations as it terminated your flight before you returned to the screen unfolding what happened.

The previous system don’t give that kind of allowance thus its more lenient.

This we can agree on.

In the past, we counted up to 6 violations before disconnecting which also degraded you to Grade 1/2.

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Suppose I should be happy with 3 instead of 5 violations… and I terminated the flight not the system.

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