Over Speed Restrictions

Hello, this evening I was flying the Citation X over the Colorado region and I climbed to an altitude of 50,200 ft and as soon as I would hit M.87 it would tell me I was over speed. Does anyone know what all the speed restrictions are and at what altitude?
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In Kts. Ground speed it tells me I’m over speed at 522kts.

This should help you a bit. Just don’t fly past M.87


If an aircraft is rated to cruise at almost the speed of sound, M0.96-M0.98 for the Citation X, it should be able to do so without restriction in any flight simulator.

Correction: M0.92

I just felt liek it to be honest. Maximum certified altitude in real life is 51,000ft.

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Thank you for this! That answers some questions!

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Although making the aircraft restrictions specific to each adds more realism, it does take away from a uniform baseline of safety that the ifatc thrive on and know.

Yes, lets add more realism.
Yes, lets keep a uniform baseline of safety that makes it easy for everyone to understand.

Its a matter of finding balance between those 2. Personally, i think the overspeed restriction should be raised to M0.93 just to represent a healthy average and striking a good balance between realism and baseline of safety.

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I think if it’s supposed to be a simulator, then make it as realistic as possible. I understand the concept of keeping it simple, and yes that works for the IFATC but these folk are both professional and intelligent enough to look at an aircrafts type and understand facts and figures.

Make the simulator realistic, or else start calling it an arcade game 😂


I really hope airspeed gets updated with global…

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I see where you’re coming from, but as mentioned below, it’s a simulator, so realism should be the first priority.

How much of IFATC is worried/how often does this happen, where there’re aircraft cruising that high and fast? I seldom witness nor do such myself.

And with Global being released soon, IFATC is going to be busy not having to adhere to blanket baselines if they change it. I’m preparing nonetheless…