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So why am I getting an over speed warning at 35,000 ft doing 245knts, realy frustrating watching other people flying below doing 350/400knts. Is this a bug? It’s cost me a grade level too whilst I try and work out what the limits are, obviously I’m aware of the 250knts rule<10k helpppppp

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If you got the overspeed warning it means you’re going unrealistically fast. It can’t make you have a violation unless you are talking about speed violation, which is different. It might just be a bug for all we know.

Thanks for the reply, Why is 250 knots at 35000ft unrealistically fast?

Watch your ground speed, if it is over 550 knots it is against the rules.

Which aircraft did you fly? You have too look at your Mach speed, aswell as groundspeed. Airspeed is just relative.

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That’s in ground speed. You see other people’s speeds in Ground Speed.

Those 400 knots that you see people fly in is ground speed

Your INDICATED airspeed well decrease with altitude. Airframe limits are based on TRUE airspeed. This is realistic.

I personally dislike this new “overspeeding” feature!! I get that they want it more realistic but it is a game after all really!! Not real life! I’m fine obeying under 250 knots under 10,000 feet but I can no longer fly over 350 knots over 10K feet??!! That’s just ridiculous!!! Planes cruise well over 350 knots! Let us FLY these birds we pay decent money for and have fun maybe flying them a tad faster than they really cruise at!! I think if they keep it this way they will see a decline in subscribers! Let’s face it we want to go fast!! And not just in an F-22! I’m hoping this is a glitch in their update?! I will be really upset if it stays this way!!!

You have max speed restrictions of M .87. You should exceed this in any commercial aircraft we currently have. As @schyllberg said, once you’re over 28,000ft speed is measured in Mach.


they cruise well over 350 knots gs
even 300 knots airspeed is WAY too fast at 30,000
thats around mach .9 to mach 1

@ajammer276 firstly, IF is considered a simulator, not a game. The point of a simulator is to simulate realism. Commercial airliners do not fly at the speed of sound like fighter jets as you are trying to make them do. If you want to fly like need to find a ‘fighter jet game’ or something on he App Store.

You are all confused with the difference between Indicated airspeed, Mach and ground speed. It’s actually very frustrating because there is about 15 other topics on this issue in the last 3 days. Do some research and get a basic understanding.

As you gain altitude, the air becomes thinner. The air pressure is less, it subsequently allows you to fly at higher air speeds until a certain point.

The new over speed rules are simple (AND GENERALLY REALISTIC).

  1. Do not exceed 250 knots Inidcated airspeed under 10,000feet. (Without getting too technical, this is basically a real world rule)

  2. Between 10,000feet and 28,000feet, do not exceed 350 knots. This is already somewhat unrealistic but at least it’s a simple basic rule. No commercial airliner climbs at 350 knots. No commercial airliner climbs at 100% throttle or 100%+ N1. The climb really should be more like 290 knots indicated airspeed and slightly increasing to maybe 305 knots. Once you reach your desired cruise altitude, you can slightly increase your indicated airspeed to about 340 knots.

  3. Above 28,000feet you cannot exceed Mach 0.87. Again, pretty realistic. In the real world you would more likely cruise at 0.80 to 0.82, so the devs have actually even given a big amount of room here for you speed demons.

You need to SLOW down. Stop being impatient. Aircraft do not fly at their maximum speed, maximum power, maximum anything.


noone should pull the throttle to 100% anyways

People seem very confused by this. Yes, airplanes do fly faster than 350 kts. But only in groundspeed! At a normal cruising altitude airspeed is irrelevant, but to keep it in a reasonable Mach range, it should basically be between 280 and 310 KIAS. Aircraft never climb or cruise at 350+ KIAS.

Above FL280, you change from KIAS to Mach due to air density. If you are flying faster than M0.87, you will receive the warning, followed by violations, then system ghost if you do not slow down.

This is actually a pretty good representative of how pilots actually fly the planes speed envelope through takeoff, climb, and to cruise. I actually like it, because it’s s challenge controlling speed and vertical speed through the climb phase to altitude.

Hi everyone, many thanks to everyone who has responded, things are a little clearer now and have defiantly improved my enjoyment of the update, I’ve still got 4 months of my subscription to go and intend to renew my annual pass

So over FL280 I can “speed”!!! I’ve been really upset over this! Infinite flight is like therapy for me! I’m a disabled vet who flies everyday! I’m a grade 5 with over 400 hrs. I also do many hours of ATC work. Thank you very much for responding to my concern. No disrespect intended on my part!! I just wanna “FLY”!!!
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Thank you for replying. No disrespect intended!! I don’t pretend to be an expert, I’m not. Jumped out of many helos in my day but that’s the extent of my real world flying experience. I just like going fast! Don’t all pilots?! Lol! I guess I’m just so used to overspeeding when I was first warned I was like what?? Gotta be kidding me?! Infinite kicks ass! Imo the best there is! I will have to adjust to these new features. I do think it will help rid a lot of the jackasses flying on there!! I do a lot of ATC now. It’s getting so frustrating I’m close to stopping!! These guys are flying around and don’t even know simple commands like hold short or enter a right downwind?! I like the one server for grade 3 and above (I’m a 5) but there’s hardly anyone on there and very few live ATC guys working?! Thanks again!
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