Over speed in flight?

I was just flying the Tbm out of Miami and I got up to cruise altitude at 270 and made sure I wasn’t overspeeding and then set my phone aside because the flight was supposed to be 3 hours long. I set my phone aside to take my dog out and when I came back 5 minutes later it said violation limit exceeded and it said overspeed in flight was the reason. But when I got up to cruise it said I couldn’t go faster than 218kts so I set the speed to 215kts. And when I looked after I got the violations it’s said I was overspeeding and I should have been at like 200ktscan someone explain how one minute I’m not overspeeding but then suddenly I am? It’s fine it’s just level one violations so I’m not too mad about them but I’m just confused why that happened

Was there wind that could have made you that much faster?

You most probably exceeded the mach limit for the aircraft which is around Mach 0.55 if not mistaken. I personally never go faster than 180-190 IAS with the TBM-930.


I watch the the replay and it said Mach .54 was the limit but I kept reducing speed and it was always in the green. I had to keep reducing speed as I got higher to stay below the speed limit maybe I need to change how I manage the speed when I’m flying and I would have to worry

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