Over Speed bug

Hi, i have just finish a flight and i got 8 Reports just becaues the over Speed wornning on the GROUND!! I have Even a Video from it But for some

What was your speed?

Can you attach the video?

If it’s a but then you can remove them from here

If you were taxiing at 35 knots on the ground with the throttle not at idle, it could be the reason why you got that warning because the aircraft if not left at idle will sometimes tend to speed up a knot or to. If not the reason then be more careful of taxiing so you don’t get the warning again. Try 15 knots. The video would be helpful because it just may be a bug that the staff can remove from your account

Violations cant be removed unless as a direct result of an issue with the app. Violations on the ground have existed for a longtime so if you did break it then it will no be removed. Also remember it works on ground speed not airspeed.

In case you have a video of it, please upload it to Youtube and share the link with us. This will help a lot.
Also, can we have the specifications of your device (Model, OS), version of Infinite Flight, and username please. This will help determine if the issue was an app or user error.

Hey i have pur the Video on to YouTube. Here is the link


Here is a Video of the over Speed

Do you have any third party apps installed? Assistant, IF Passengers, etc.

So far I only hear the audio. I do not see any warnings or violations being generated.

Was that video taken when you first spawned or was it after a flight? I know there was a bug where you would get an alert for overspeeding and it would not go away until you finish the flight.

Np i hade np IF Pasenger and it Started shortly befor i Landed at about 100FT. And i was at ~140KT

Wasnt the taxi warning and violation notification removed with global?

The text that lets you know you are overspeeding

The actual speed violation remained though…

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I dont know also i thats the First Time i heard that

Can you confirm that the sound started while you were in the air?

There is a known case where while flying the violation warning sound plays and does not stop until the flight has ended.

I dont have a Video from when it started but i Van say that it started in the air

In that case it is a known issue.

  • If you received a violation it is because you actually were over speeding.
  • The sound just kept repeating until you ended your flight. More annoying than anything.

The violation will fall off after a few days. Just be patient is the best advice.

Got the same bug here, I accept that I did overspeed a little but immediately I slowed down but the alarm continued, I never saw any red message telling me that I got a violation though.

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