Over speed although I’m below maximum speed

Hey guys, I was flying a short haul earlier. I set my autopilot on a speed well below the red section that appears on HUD. I went away for about 20 minutes and when I got back I got disconnected for over speed violation. Does anyone know why this happened? Thanks

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It’s possible that your autopilot was not set so that your altitude was kept at the level you wished to stay at. Descending could have caused you to gain speed and therefore pick up the violations you received.

If I were you, I would check through the replay and see if all parameters were set exactly to where you wanted it to be at, and if something has really gone wrong, you could contact appeals to have it reversed if it really wasn’t pilot induced at all.

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yes I agree, were you over 10,000ft?

Adding on, winds could have had an effect on it or if you were ascending/descending.

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The best would be to take a look at the replay to see what happened.

If you feel that the violation was unfair after you reviewed the replay you can contact the @ appeals team and we will take a look at it.

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I was climbing, not descending

The winds were crosswind

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I was at around FL200

Im gonna take a look at the replay after I land because I took off again for the same flight

Oh Interesting.

If you set your airspeed hold during ascent then you have to be careful because it switches from KPH to Mach around fl270 I believe. It will stay at the “mach” speed you set it on and if that number is greater than the max airspeed for the aircraft it will give you a violation. The key it to watch it closely until you have achieve cruising altitude or set you speed hold to well under the redline

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Which aircraft were you in?

Actually its FL280 when Mach speed is displayed.

Simply set 293 IAS or 312 IAS when ascending, those are speed parameters for above FL100- FL280, and once reached FL280, respectively for 293 IAS, its M. 0.78 AND 312 IAS, its M. 0.84 as a guide.

This will help you to prevent violations incurring.


Oh that might be why.

@MxP I was in A320

I think I found out why, thank you everyone!

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