Over running activated leg

just need some advice on what yall do to prevent AP from over running the activated leg cause its really annoying when it turns left and right trying to line up. Yes i activate the incoming leg a few seconds before

That’s unfortunately how it is and the only way to combat this is either manually activating it before the system does it or eliminating sharp turns from your flightplan

Thats the only way unfortunately, you can vote on the smoother turns feature request, hopefully it gets worked on!

wait thats a thing to vote on!?

i dont do tight turns usually nothing more than a 70 degree turn

Yes, you can vote for it here. Not quite what you want, as it is a request for smoother transitions and not improvements to the LNAV system. As for 70 degree turns, if you want this to not be so bad (because you can’t eliminate it completely), try not having more than 30 degrees on your turns, that’s unless of course if you are using a procedure

im always using procedures and thank you :)

Whoops, had an extra “not” there

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