Over Rotation

I’m having problem with my autopilot bringing the nose of my plane up and not stopping till I disengage. This is happening directly after takeoff when I first put on the autopilot after I being my gear up. Does anyone know what’s happening?

When you initiate your autopilot, check your vs. I usually climb out between 2000-2500vs. Only activate it once you are done lifting or your autopilot will autocorrect.

When you change your vs, change it in 100 increments for it to be smooth.

Trim also has a factor so make sure there’s not to much positive trim.

Before activating Altitude mode, make sure your VS mode is stable first.

This helps me out

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Ok thank you I will try that.

Are you part of the open beta by any chance?

What is that?

It is a testing program of the upcoming 20.2 update.
Learn more about it here:

I think @Q-ENAN asked to learn if it could be a beta issue

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Oh is that something I should join?

Yes because I read the same thing was happening to some people in the open beta category

Absolutely! (unless spaces are full) Make sure to read the blog article fully before joining, the joining link is there.

Ok I will do that

If you want to help out developers by finding issues and addressing them, you should join!

If you want a smooth experience, with no issues whatsoever, Beta may not be for you.

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