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Time And Date - January 2, 2021 8:00 PM β†’ January 2, 2021 9:00 PM

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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport Has Been The Main AIrport Of New Orleans! It Has About 70 gates! We Hope You LIke KMSY!

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Photo By - Bart Everson

Photo Link - Airport Panorama | Bart Everson | Flickr




  1. If IFATC Is Online, Follow Them At All Times

  2. Do Not Push Back At The Same Time

  3. Don’t Take Off And The Same Time

  4. Go To Your Gate In Your Aircraft In Your Livery

  5. Be Chill

  6. Have Fun

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How Do I Sign Up?

To Sign Up…

Look At What Gate And Flight You What! Then Replay On This Post On What Flight You WIll Take!

Reader Note

Reader Notes

If Infinite Flight Dose Not Have Your Airlines, Use The Gr

CRJ-200 Is In Place Of The ERJ-145/130

A330F Is In Place Of The A300F

We Will Have To USe The Old Layout Of KMSY Because IF Has Not Updated KMSY

Airport Gates


Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
B2 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Sacramento (KSMF) –
B4 Southwest Airlines 737-700 St. Louis (KSTL) @Cpt.F_1
B5 Southwest Airlines 737-800 San Diego (KSAN) @JetBlue-Aviation-YT
B7 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Baltimore (KBWI) @zion89
B8 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Atlanta (KATL) –
B9 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Dallas (KDAL) @SWA1997
B10 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX) –
B11 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Kansas City (KMCI) –
B12A Southwest Airlines 737-800 Oakland (KOAK) –
B12B Southwest Airlines 737-800 Cleveland (KCLE) –
B15A Southwest Airlines 737-800 New York (KLGA) –
B15A Southwest Airlines 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX) –
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
C1 Allegiant Air A320-200 Grand Rapids (KGGR) –
C2 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City (MPTO) –
C3 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle (KSEA) –
C4 American Airlines A321-200 Philadelphia (KPHL) –
C5 American Airlines A321-200 Charlotte (KCLT) –
C6 American Eagle CRJ-700 Miami (KMIA) –
C7 American Airlines A320-200 Dallas (KDFW) @Texan
C8 Jetblue A321-200 Boston (KBOS) –
C9 Frontier Airlines A321-200 Denver (KDEN) –
C10 Spirit Airlines A320 Baltimore (KBWI) @United.sandwitch
C11 British Airways 777-200 London (EGGL) –
C12A Spirit Airlines A320-200 Detroit (KDTW) @IFA_YT
C12B Spirit Airlines A320-200 Austin (KAUS) –
C15 Spirit Airlines A320-200 Cleveland (KCLE) –
C16 Spirit Airlines A321-200 Newark (KEWR) –
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
D1 Delta Airlines 737-800 Salt Lake City (KSLC) –
D2 Delta Airlines 737-800 Minneapolis (KMSP) –
D3 Delta Airlines A319-200 Atlanta (KATL) –
D4 Delta Airlines 737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX) –
D5 United Express CRJ-700 Houston (KIAH) –
D6 Air Canada Express CRJ-900 Toronto (CZZY) –
D7 United Express CRJ-700 Washington (KIAD) –
D8 United Airlines 737-800 Denver (KDEN) –
D9 United Airlines A320-200 Chicago (KORD) –
D10 United Airlines 737-800 Newark (KEWR) –
D11 United Airlines 737-800 San Francisco (KSFO) –
D12 Sun Country Airlines 737-800 Minneapolis (KMSP) –
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 01 FedEx MD-11F Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) –
FedEx Cargo Apron 02 FedEx 777-200F Tampa (KTPA) –
FedEx Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD-11F Memphis (KMEM) –
UPS Cargo Apron 01 UPS 757-200F Miami (KMIA) –
DHL Cargo Apron 01 DHL 777-200F Cincinnati(KCVG) –
Cargo Apron 01 DHL 757-200F Memphis (KMEM) –
Cargo Apron 02 DHL 757-200 Houston (KIAH) –

Thanks For Reading! Hope To See You There!

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@zion89. Sure!

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I will take B4 Southwest 737-700 to Saint Louis!

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I would love to have this pls for my VA SWVA

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Can I fly with him or do I have to have a different flight?

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