Over Max landing weight

Hi community,
I am currently 113NM from KEF and am about 3000 kg over my max landing weight. I am flying a makeshift holding pattern and was wondering weither I will burn fuel quicker at a lower altitude. Should i remain at FL360 or descend to 15000FT or something. Thanks!

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What aircraft are you flying? Some aircraft are able to dump fuel.

I can’t dump fuel. I am in an A320

Do you have Infinite Flight Connect?

I would indeed suggest going lower. Fly around the airport a few times and that should get you below MLW. Good luck!


What I would recommend is that you get in a holding pattern for a good hour or until you are at your MLW. Good luck!

Thanks! Much appreciated

landing over max landing weight is not a problem in infinite flight

VirginAtlantic28! I have actually done that flight! VS28 from EGKK to TBPB! :)

Oh actually, I think I did VS29

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