[OVER] Let's fill up St. Louis @KSTL - 071600ZMAR20

I am happy to say that this event is now sponsored by Southwest Virtual

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I know you are in Southwest Virtual and I am letting you know that they are sponsoring this now so if you have any questions you can ask me or @BigBert10

Southwest airlines virtual is great right

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I’d be down to fly a 737-800 from STL-SFO

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How about you fly STL-SJC instead! :D

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Yes I will get you signed up. This goes to all, please let me know if you are in SWA

@BigBert10 for those that are signing up that are in Southwest Virtual can you please tell them to include their callsign so I know for sure.

Yeah I will announce it

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Ok thank you very much. I will check in about 2-3 hours from now.
Also the Terminal 2 part of concourse D is full
Check out my next event at Midway airport in Chicago which occurs later in the day.

Hey @United2,

I’m gonna use my new-found powers as a regular to change the title for this reason:

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Sure I’ll do STL - SJC


I’ll fix it now. I also restructured the event topic to make it easier for all of you guys. By this I mean I put in a table. I have also just posted a Midway landing competition

I’ll take this guy but I’ll be in a 737-800 if thats okay.

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The event is in 1 week from today.

Lets get some more attendes


I will take the A16 A320 United Denver, please!

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Got it. Thanks for attending if you are in UVAL please let me know

I’ll take C12 American to LAX in the A321. Thanks!

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Got it, thanks for attending

I will take E18 to Fort Lauderdale 737-800

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