[OVER] Let's fill up St. Louis @KSTL - 071600ZMAR20

Got it thanks

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I’ll take gate C6 please!

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Got it thanks for attending

Sorry, I cannot attend this event because I got four violations for last seven days and I’m suspended for a week

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I will remove you

Thank You so much because I do not want to get ghosted

Event is tomorrow signup

Sorry I can not make it I got a friend meeting me. Sorry

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Got it. Thanks. Reminder if you back out I am putting you on stanby

Ill take concourse D gate Do6 to london heathrow

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Ok got it thanks for attending see you in a few hours

Event in 1 hour

when should we spawn in

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10-15 minutes before

Alright I’m in

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Good flight, I can’t go, I’m flying and I land in 2 hours

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I am also getting in

I will start my pushback in about 5 minutes

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Thanks for attending guys make sure to attend my island flyout and landing competition

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