[Over] Infinite Flight YouTube Event - Canadian Views @CYYC - 182030ZNOV18

Canadian Views Youtube Event

you do not have to be a youtuber to join!
Server: Training

Airport: CYYC

Time: 2030Z

NOTAM: NO signup required. If you are a Youtuber with 100+ subscribers, contact me to possibly become one of the featured Chanels. Anyone can stream it if they wish. You don’t need a channel to join :)

Join us as we enjoy Canada’s views while we travel from Calgary to Toronto! Bring any Canadian airline and join the fun!

Flight Details

Altitude: FL350


CYYC 5054N/11049W 5052N/11000W UDBOX YQT 4607N/8303W 4537N/8204W 4516N/8136W 4516N/8136W CYYZ

Featured Channels

Infinite Aviation


Xentoro Gaming

The Flap Jack Aviation

Remember to obtain spacing!


I have 3 subscribers :(

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My old channel had 64 Subs but 1.8K Views on 1 Video on how to connect a Joystick to Infinite Flight XD but, I’ll try to make this event


What time is this american or zulu or what?

What time zone ya live in?

Can’t come bro. Actually will be flying IRL that morning. Look forward to watching the replay of that stream, or maybe even the last part of it. Have fun!

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Sorry for the late response. It’s at 2030 Zulu :)

That’s alright! You can still join, and stream if you desire :)

I can’t… It’s 23:00 in my country

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My local airport? Count me in!! Let me know if you need help with any planning, I also work at this airport so I know the layout like the back of my hand ;)

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You aren’t the only one around here ;)

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It is 2030 ZULU time

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No signup? So all I have to do is show up and fly?

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Yep :). Feel free to also join the stream while the event is active! I’ll remember to post a link here.

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Awesome! Count me in!

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No need to reply if you will/will not be able to make it-sounds like everyone is invited, so nobody needs to RSVP :)
The only people that need to reply are the YouTubers.

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New zealand

Only a few hours until it starts!

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I’ll be attending

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I am here if you need ATC