Over heating

i’m on my way to america from singapore took off 50 minutes ago is there anyway i could stop my device from overheating, i always have my fan on it

Maybe lower the graphics of the game

Lower graphics, lower screen brightness, take it out of the charger for a small amount of time.

The brightness of the phone should be reduced and the quality reduced

@Lewis_Ryan is it just getting warm or is there a message popping up saying that it’s overheating?

Somethings worked for be before.

Lower every graphic.
Put airplane count to lowest.
Set the camera to focus on the back on the cockpit seat.

On Phone
Close any unessential apps
Lower brightness to the lowest

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Best thing to do to keep your device as cool as possible while cruising is to lower screen brightness, set all graphics to low and to go into the tower camera mode, this will mean your device has much less to render. These always work for me

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