"Over" An Infinite Flight/ASVA Music Video

I just finished up the video. It is decently short, however, I tried my best.

This is my first video so input would be awesome!


Great vid! I have some questions:

  • Have you tried using Evening as the time? (it might look better)
  • Why was your gear out at cruising altitude?

1, I will do that next time.
2, I was on approach.

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Great video, a couple of things however.

  1. Better title; something that we want to watch
  2. Lighting was a little off, something like a filter or changing the time to evening would be better.

But. Great job for your first try

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Great video. The transitions were nice and the music fit good

Well put together movie.
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use evening time (Like @anon79257371 said)
  • Try using different camera angles instead of the scenic camera.
  • Try using the freecam, as that camera gives you the most unique shots.

More movement would be awesome, and more different angles would be better and more unique.

That’s all! Great video!


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Its the most generic song currently out there.