Over 90 Airlines Completely Suspend Operations

I’m just gonna leave this here for reference.


This is a Google Spreadsheet that’s constantly being updated by a bunch of people who are keeping track of all the changes in the industry.

At the moment, at least 100 airlines have suspended 100% of their operations temporarily, with some being permanent.

Over 100 airlines have have reduced some sort of capacity, and the list continues to grow each day.


Fat oof. Hopefully this blows over soon but I have a feeling that its going to take a while.


Yea it’ll be months before things even begin to come back to “normal”.

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I thought it was completely ceasing operations and not suspending. That scared me alot.

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My gosh. We are in trouble.


Air Moldova :(((, hopefully they don’t go bankrupt with their new parent company.

Nooo not Cayman airways or air transat. I hope they recover

Screw Corona!


Sad Mexican Beer noises


Ouch! This is really gonna make a dent in airlines and their problems with cash. But at the same time, your not paying to operate the airplanes and are losing less cash than flying with a few passengers operating an aircraft.

Yikes! Hope they all get back in the skies and don’t fall any time after. Ah… this virus! Just got an emergency notification order on my phone to stay home California just ordered 40 million people to stay home

To quote someone, and I can’t remember for the life of me where I heard this,

This is going to be a battle not measured in territory gained, but bodies collected.

Looks like we’re in this for the long hauls yinz, best buckle up… 😬

Sad news, Air Serbia just suspended operations until further notice.

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I hope in the end they manage to start all the new routes they were planning


What about Middle East Airlines?

And we’ve hit 50 airlines.

Doesn’t look like it’s listed on there, but I think this was their schedule for March 17/18


The Spanish airline Volotea suspended theirs operations until the April 8th.

Great topic as always @Ishrion!

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Since the Panamanian government announced the suspension of international passenger flights to/from the country for 30 days starting on March 22, Copa Airlines will now suspend their operations for that period of time. They expect to resume normal activities on April 22.

The government’s decision to impose this measure, comes after the Ministry of Health reported a total of 137 cases of COVID-19 in the country. One of them died and one recently fully recovered and was given permission to leave hospital and was put in house isolation.

The government also mentioned that all domestic, cargo and humanitarian flights will still be allowed.

(The Google spreadsheet says 80% of reduction, they should update it)

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Brussels Airlines suspending operations for a whole month is… well very bad there’s no other way to put it, as the flag carrier of Belgium this is a mayor hit on Belgian Air travel. Very sad, I pray to god they do not go like Flybe did otherwise I would be devistated.

I never thought COVID-19 (coronavirus) would have this big of an impact on aviation. It truly hurts me to see this as many airlines are suspending operations and airports losing routes or airlines. I really hope the airlines make it out ok because this virus is a monster

I expected San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to grow even more this year, but with the current rate, its numbers are going to tank :(