{Over 20 Pilots and 2 Weeks Away!} Huge Baltimore Fly-out! @ KBWI - 021830ZFEB19


Going to give this a bump, sign up!


I will take A9 Southwest 2651 B737-800 To Phoneix Sky Harbor International Airport KPHX.


You’re signed up, thanks for coming.


Hello, is it possible you could fit in a KPVD flight, if so may I take it?


Yep! You’re at A10.

See you there.


Many Southwest and Spirit gates left! Get them now!


Can I have gate A11 to KTPA


i’ll have E4 to UUEE by a aeroflot 777-300


You are in, thanks for coming!


Sorry but Aeroflot does not fly to BWI. Would you like a different gate?


oh shoot then i’l have any domestic gate to KJFK by a delta MD80.


What about a Delta CRJ-200 instead of an MD80?


how about an e190?


Delta doesn’t operate and E190


i meant jetblue. sorry


I’m going to put you in to go to KBOS because jetBlue does not operate to JFK. Alright?


Sign up before the gates are gone!


Event is now 2 weeks away! Get your gates now!


with great regrets i will have to withdraw. sorry


All good!