{Over 20 Pilots and 2 Weeks Away!} Huge Baltimore Fly-out! @ KBWI - 021830ZFEB19


Thanks for coming, see you there:)


I will take E2 to BIKF.


Coming right up! Thanks for coming


Gates have gone quite fast, get them now while they last!


I’ll have gate D13 to KORD.


You’re signed up! See you there


Gate A7 to ROC please


You’re signed up!


Giving this a bump!

Sign up for this amazing event!


I’ll take gate A1 please


This is a great route! Thank you for choosing this one, see you there.:)


I would like Air Cargo Stand F7B


Thanks for being our first cargo gate! See you there.


Moved this event a day earlier due to other events being on February 3. It is now February 2.

Hope this works for all of you.

Sign up now!


C9 to Buffalo please


Have a good flight! See you there.


I would like gate B15 to MROC in a Southwest 737-700 call sign SWA304 @Joseph007


You got it, cya there.


I chose this because I have been on this flight in real life in a 737-700
Edit: lol so many errors in this


Ha it’s all good