{Over 20 Pilots and 2 Weeks Away!} Huge Baltimore Fly-out! @ KBWI - 021830ZFEB19


You got a little less that a month to get it! You can do it! Fly some patterns to get some extra xp and landings.:)


I wish I could but I have to do about 50 more Lansing if I wanted too!


That’s not too many! You can do it!


I will take this gate but could you change the destination to Detroit?


You’re in, cya there!


Thanks, got it changed. Good catch because I wouldn’t have known.


I’ll be Brickyard 3680. United Q4 departing out of D46 for Cleveland


Thank you for joining, I added the gate for you. Cya at D46!


Could I get the concourse E gate BA to Heathrow


Yes you may! You will be at gate E1 to London Heathrow.

See you there:)


Appreciate it, Joseph. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this event so best of luck with it! :)


Thank you very much for the support. Sad you can’t attend.


D26 please :)
Also if you wouldn’t mind I’d like the 739 for that route


Welcome to BWI! And I did switch to a -900 for you!

Thanks for joining:)


Looks like a fantastic event! I might be able to be ATC. I cannot promise that I will but o I can’t and I will try best to be available. Maybe @EthanT2 could help as well. It would require me to get special permission from a moderator if I could attend.

(Your favorite Ethan) Ethan Hansen


I should also be able to help with ATC at the event, if given permission.

(Your actual favourite Ethan) Ethan Thomas


Wow thanks both Ethan’s! @Ethan_Hansen and @EthanT2 (Now BOTH of you are my favorite Ethans for this!)

It would be great of you to help and if you can’t no pressure!:)


I’ll take gate A14 to Salt Lake City. Look forward to flying, great looking event!


You are in! Thanks for attending!


I’ll take B8 to LAS please :)