{Over 20 Pilots and 2 Weeks Away!} Huge Baltimore Fly-out! @ KBWI - 021830ZFEB19


Baltimore-Washington International Fly-out

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Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Very close to the surrounding airports such as Washington Dulles and Reagan National, BWI is a focus city for America's low cost carries like Southwest and Spirit Airlines. Many other airlines fly here and have some very good routes. A few international routes and many domestic routes. So c'mon down to Charm City and attend this cool fly-out event.

Presented by @Joseph007

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: KBWI

Date: February 2, 2019 1830 zulu


- No trolling since this will be on expert

- You can pushback once I pushback

- More than likely departing off of runway 28

- Listen to all ATC instructions! (If there is any ATC present)

- Use unicom the right way

- Above all have fun and be respectful!

Watch those violations or reports a week before this event!

Basic Information on BWI

Airlines that operate from each concourse -

Concourse A Gates A1 - A15
  • Southwest Airlines
Concourse B Gates B1 - B15
  • Southwest Airlines
Concourse C Gates C1 - C14
  • American Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
Concourse D Gates D1 - D47
  • Allegiant Air
  • Air Canada
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
Concourse E Gates E1 - E7
  • British Airways
  • WOW Air
  • Condor

More on Baltimore International if you would like to read it here -

Here is also a concourse map in Infinite Flight to help clear things up -

Gate Assignments

Concourse A

A1 - Southwest B737-800 to KABQ - @Matthew_20204

A2 - Southwest B737-700 to KATL -

A3 - Southwest B737-700 to KDTW - @Luke_Sta

A4 - Southwest B737-700 to KMDW -

A5 - Southwest B737-700 to KGRR - @Joseph007

A6 - Southwest B737-800 to KDEN - @Jonesrox55

A7 - Southwest B737-700 to KROC - @Jack_H

A8 - Southwest B737-800 to KSAT - @JeromeJ

A9 - Southwest B737-800 to KPHX - @Blue_Diamond196

A10 - Southwest B737-700 to KPVD - @Cargo

A11 - Southwest B737-700 to KTPA - @AmarKoric11

A12 - Southwest B737-700 to KMCI -

A13 - Southwest B737-800 to KSJC - @GlobalFlyer1

A14 - Southwest B737-800 to KSLC - @Captain_Finland

A15 - Southwest B737-700 to KBNA -

Concurse B

B1 - Southwest B737-700 to KSTL -

B2 - Southwest B737-800 to KSMF -

B3 - Southwest B737-800 to KPDX -

B4 - Southwest B737-800 to KSEA -

B5 - Southwest B737-800 to KSAN -

B6 - Southwest B737-700 to KMSP -

B7 - Southwest B737-800 to KLAX -

B8 - Southwest B737-800 to KLAS - @Aviation_1298

B9 - Southwest B737-700 to KMEM -

B10 - Southwest B737-800 to TJSJ -

B11 - Southwest B737-700 to AUS -

B12 - Southwest B737-700 to KISP -

B13 - Southwest B737-800 to KHOU -

B14 - Southwest B737-700 to KBOS - @Darkeyes

B15 - Southwest B737-700 to MROC - @baseball_inferno

Concourse C

C1 - Southwest B737-800 to KDAL -

C2 - Southwest B737-700 to KRDU -

C3 - American Airlines A320-200 to KMIA -

C4 - Southwest B737-700 to KCLE - @Patrick_Gallagher

C5 - American Airlines A321-200 to KCLT -

C6 - American Airlines CRJ-200 to KORD -

C7 - American Airlines B737-800 to KDFW -

C8 - American Airlines A320-200 to KPHX -

C9 - Southwest B737-700 to KBUF - @DEN_Airport

C10 - Southwest B737-700 to KSDF -

C11 - Southwest B737-700 to KPBI -

C12 - Southwest B737-800 to MKJS -

C13 - Southwest B737-700 to KRSW -

C14 - Southwest B737-800 to KFLL

Concourse D

D1 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KLAS -

D2 - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KTPA -

D3 - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KBOS -

D4 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to MMUN -

D5 - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KORD -

D7 - Air Canada E170 to CYYZ -

D8 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KDFW -

D10 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KLAX -

D11 - Air Canada CRJ-200 to CYUL -

D12 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KDEN -

D13 - United Airlines B737-800 to KORD - @esant_15

D14 - United Airlines B737-900 to KIAH -

D15 - United Airlines B737-900 to KSFO -

D16 - United Airlines B737-800 to KDEN -

D19 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KFLL

D20 - Alaska Airlines B737-900 to KSEA -

D21 - Allegiant Air A320-200 to KVPS -

D22 - Alaska Airlines A320-200 to KSFO -

D23 - Delta Airlines B737-900 to KMSP -

D24 - Detla Airlines CRJ-900 to KDTW -

D25 - Delta Airlines CRJ-900 to KATL -

D26 - Delta Airlines B737-900 to KSLC -

D28 - Spirit Airlines A321-200 to KIAH -

D29 - Spirit Airlines A320-200 to KJAX -

D46 - United Airlines (Brickyard) Q-400 to KCLE - @Connor_Mcmullin

Concourse E

E1 - British Airways B787-9 to EGLL - @CaptMj

E2 - WOW Air A320-200 to BIKF - @PilotDog

E3 - IcelandAir B757-200 to BIKF -

E4 - Open for any International -

E5 - Open for any International -

E6 - Open for any International -

E7 -


Air Cargo Stand F5 - DHL 757-200F to KCVG -

Air Cargo Stand F4 -DHL 757-200F to BGTL -

Air Cargo Stand F8 - Fedex DC-10F to KIND -

Air Cargo Stand F9 - Fedex DC-11F to KMEM -

Air Cargo Stand F7A - Fedex Feeder C208 to KEWR -

Air Cargo Stand F7B - Fedex Feeder C208 to KSBY - @Recxx

Air Cargo Stand F16 - UPS 757-200F to KSDF -

Air Cargo Stand F17 - UPS 757-200F to KRFD -

A tad bit of extra information

- Make sure you can attend!

- I know life happens and if something does come up I can remove you.

-This took quite a while to make and here is what I used -


Thanks for coming in advance and hope to see you at BWI!

Gate requests will close 30 minutes prior to event!

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Thanks, Joseph007


Maybe make the font size smaller ? And I will attend but am trying to figure out what gate I want.


You know who loves this event??


I’ll take A8 to KSAT


I’ll try but in my draft it didn’t look like this…


Thanks for coming!


I will take gate A13 to SJC !


See you there!

@BigBert10 will be mad at you


Well, it is my home airport too!


That it true, gates can be added if need be!


For some reason I can’t get it smaller, is it that bad?


No it is fine! Not to worry


I’ll take gate A6 to KDEN please


@Plane-Train-TV @HiFlyer @Tom_Grollman

@Joseph007, could you take a screenshot of how the format looks like from the view of the topic creator so we can see a problem why the text is so big?


See you there!


Cane I take B14 to Boston? I’ve done that flight in real life:)


See you there and thanks for coming!

Sounds like a fun route!


I don’t know how much you care about wing clearances, but I just want to let you know that gates D30-D47 are not intended for jets. These are gates specifically made for props that serve BWI (Boutique Air and Southern Airways Express). You can tell because of how close they are to each other on the map.

I highly recommend taking these gates out for jet parking (unless you change to props – C208 to be specific), otherwise you’ll have a dozen or so aircraft jumbled up together at these gates which is not a good look.

There’s also some other gates that cannot handle certain aircraft either at other terminals. Remember that not every gate you see on the gate map can handle any and all aircraft.

Just some advice.


Ill take gate C4 to KCLE


You’re in, cya there.


I wish I could attend but I can not go on expert sever