[OVER]19JUL21/1430Z&21JUL21/1630Z& 22JUL21/2230Z -26 3D airports Event; WEEK03 @ CYOW - LFPG & LFPG - EDDM & EDDM - LGAV

This summer I have decided to fly to every single 3D airport in infinite flight so far (by 21.2) with out ANY non 3D-airport in between. I thought it would be a bit boring to do it alone, so I decided to make an event for this. This way, we can make the expert server a bit more bussier again.

The first flight will be from the Capital of Canada, Ottawa to the city with the most French spoken people in the world, Paris in Air Canadas Airbus A321 since 777s doesn’t fit in CYOW on the 19th of July from 1400 zulu to about 2000 zulu.

The next one will take us from Paris to Munich in Lufthansa Airlines A359 on the 21th of July from 1630 zulu to 1830 zulu.

Then the next day will take us from Munich to Athens in Lufthansa Airlines A359 on the 22th of July from 2230 zulu to 0030 zulu.

That is this weeks events

Server: Expert


  1. CYOW - LFPG 2021-07-19T08:30:00Z2021-07-19T20:30:00Z
  2. LFPG - EDDM 2021-07-21T16:30:00Z2021-07-21T18:00:00Z
  3. EDDM - LGAV 2021-07-22T22:30:00Z2021-07-23T01:30:00Z



Gate 01: @SA247
Gate 02: @Tate_Wang
Gate 03: @Rikeic
Gate 04: @Shamrock1AKHeavy
Gate 05: @Wesley_Fry
Gate 06: @Basswharf
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 13:
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 20:
Gate 22:
Gate 24:
Gate 26:
Gate 28:
Gate 30:
Gate 29:
Gate 27:
Gate 25:
Gate 23:
Gate 21:
Gate 19:


ATIS - @robert_xing
Ground - @robert_xing
Tower - @robert_xing
Departure -


Ground -
Tower -
Approach -



T2 F04: @SA247
T2 F08: @Rikeic
T2 F10: @Shamrock1AKHeavy
T2 F14: @Wesley_Fry
T2 F16: @andrew_f0609
T2 F20: @EnriqueAllDay
T2 F22: @Apple_Haye
T2 F26: @Basswharf
T2 F28: @ZzboslikezZ
T2 F30: @Teized
T2 F32


Ground -
Tower -
Departure -


Ground -
Tower -
Approach -



T2 Gate 222B: @SA247
T2 Gate 221: @Rikeic
T2 Gate 220B: @InfiniteFlight_Shots
T2 Gate 219B: @Mollel.kid
T2 Gate 217B: @Wesley_Fry
T2 Gate 216: @EnriqueAllDay
T2 Gate 215B: @Apple_Haye
T2 Gate 214: @Shamrock1AKHeavy
T2 Gate 213B: @Rixwulol
T2 Gate 212A:
T2 Gate 210B:
T2 Gate 209B:
T2 Gate 208:
T2 Gate 207A:
T2 Gate 205X:


Ground -
Tower -
Departure -


Ground -
Tower -
Approach -

Social media:

IG: Login • Instagram
YT: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4l2sTuete0utlKraTMDEjQ
birthday event: 24JUL21 / 2130Z - My 14th Birthday Event @ KATL - CYEG
Next weeks Event: 25JUL21/2130Z & 27JUL21/1600Z & 31JUL21/1930Z - 26 3D airports Event;WEEK04 @LGAV-URSS & URSS-UUDD & UUDD - EGPH

Any new update with new 3D buildings will not be added to the route, there will be a part two for this

Any violations by ATC will not be my responsibility, just listen to atc, you will be fine

If there is no ATC plz do not spam the UNICOM as no one likes it

And have fun : D


Plz sign me up

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For all of them

Can you sign me up for the 3 routes.

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Signed u up

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Yes please

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Signed u up, see u in tomorrow’s event

I can be LFPG ATIS, ground and tower

Ok, on the 19th or 21st

Can I have a gate for flight 3?

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Signed u up

Also join my birthday event please

@Mollel.kid @Shamrock1AKHeavy @9to5Gamer @Tate_Wang @Rikeic
I will reschedule the flight to 2021-07-19T20:30:00Z since I need to go somewhere

I can’t make it then as it’s 2am for me.

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Ok, np
Can u be atc for my event from Munich to Athens

What time is it?

At around 2021-07-22T22:00:00Z

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That’s 3:30am for me 🗿. So, can’t. Sorry

U live in India??

Yes, I do.

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