Over 100 Attending! | Partnered with Delta Virtual and Southwest Virtual | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Flyout @ KATL - 181900ZMAY19


Your at F13, see you there!


My bad, F14. That’s the gate air Canada uses for their E175s


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I’ll take C52 to Richmond, please! (Richmond is my home airport :D)


Your added, see you there!


Ill take A17 to KSMF please and thank you


Can I change my destination? I will fly with Delta instead of Southwest to SJC! I will use the 739 as that is what they operate! Thanks :)


@Bray your signed up, see you there!
@GlobalFlyer1 yes you have been switched, your at A32 now


Wow, @GlobalFlyer1 have a nice flight to El Salvador! :D XD


Whoops lol


@Brad_Hoffman can I switch to gate A3 to KSAN please?


Can I have Gate C35 to MCO


Nvm can’t make it


Yes you have been switched


image Hello. May I have gate F4 to Paris. However, instead of a 777-200er, can I fly with the 747-400? Thx


Air France doesn’t use the 747-400 on this route, sorry. They use the 767, 777-200ER and the 777-300ER, does any of these work? I would like to keep this event realistic.


I understand that you would like realism as I would as well. However, when it was in service(about 2005 or something) and was used on this route. But I will use the 777 if required.


Unfortunately I will need to have you use the 777 for two reasons. Number 1 is like you said, the 747 isn’t in service anymore (sadly) and number two, if I let you use it anyway, I would have go let everyone else choose whatever they wanted. I’m not trying to be rude or anything and thank you for being understanding.


I do understand your point and therefore will use the 777-200er.


Thank you, your signed up, see you there!