Over 100 Attending! | Partnered with Delta Virtual and Southwest Virtual | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Flyout @ KATL - 181900ZMAY19


can i take gate e26 to ZSPD please?


@hallum21 @Suhas_Jatla you both are signed up!


Southwest 737-800 to KLAS


I’d love to take A17 to KSMF if still available. Thanks!


@MDoor your signed up!
@VegasAviation your at C32, see you there!


See ya there


Hey is it possible to fly the B773 KLM to Amsterdam?
In the F10 parking


Or to LSZH if it isn’t possible


Yep your at F10 to EHAM, see you there!


Is c36 taken if not sign me up! SWA - BNA


I’ll take this


@ouzi and @DeltaDerek you both are signed up!


I’ll take this gate please 🙂


Your signed up, see you there!


Sign up! Little more than a month away!


Hey can I change my gate to a Delta 77L to ZSPD?


You’ve been changed to F9


Southwest Airlines to Boston


So sorry about the confusion but can you change my destination to FAOR, thank you.


I would love to join this event! This route would be awesome to fly as well!