Ouzi's videos dump

Hi, few days before my subscription runs out, i create some of my flight videos, with a bit camera directing and editing that i set up so the viewer is more comfortable watching. Enjoy!

1. Flying for LGVA with Lion Air 737-900 WAOO-WAHI routes

2. Trying some private jets vibes from Geneva to Gibraltar with @Ardh2356

3. Freight flight from Miami to Bogota with Atlas Air Boeing 747 as “Giant 59”.

Which videos do you like most?
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Hey nice videos! With some background music and speed edits you could create some pretty cool cinematic timelapses

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Looks good!!!

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Not going to renew subscription?

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@Mr-plane-guy1 - Thanks, i didn’t intend to give somebackground music, because I thought if given would be disturbing & seem a bit tacky. I like those that tend to be calm & relaxing. But yes, im considering that ones.

@MexiNess3 - Thank you.

@American321 - Maybe not in the near future, I might renew it when its close to my country’s independence day related to many events, or the game updates…

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Good idea.

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