Ouzi's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello, I’m interested in practicing my controlling skills, actually I’ve wanted to join IFATC for a long time, but due to real world activities and other more important things this time I’m trying to get back into the world of ATC, especially Infinite flight ATC.

Please welcome, my ATC tracking thread. Looking forward for the feedback and suggestions from you. I beg you to comply with the rules according to the game, even though this is a training server, for the sake of my smooth training.

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Tag me next time you open :)

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Im about to open in an hour, will you come in?

Training Server right?

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Of course, i will inform you the airport soon

lol, it can only be on this server, tag me when you open, I’ll come

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Ok, I’ll be able to join

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I probably should have figured lol


Server: Training
Airport: WIRR
Frequencies: Tower
Runways: 30
Estimated operating time: 60 minutes from this reply

WIRR is now open!
Cc: @Butter575 @Yukiros_31


@Butter575 Can you please accept my DM on discord for communication 🙏

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Yeah I’ll check rn

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@ouzi I’m gonna make a long feedback with some things to learn so please read it carefully

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Hi, have you finish writting my feedback yet?

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@ouzi Ok, you seems to have the basics but training is clearly needed.

General feedback:

1. Give your instructions faster:

[14:19z] My first clearance was on left base, it can be issued at anytime during the pattern, late is allowed but really not recommended, you could have cleared me on upwind, crosswind, downwind but waiting isn’t needed.

[14:21z] Sequence should be given the earliest as possible, General 575 have received it really late.

This apply also on the rest of the session

2. clearance:

[14:18z] You first sent me my clearance for landing, I think it was a mistake cause you changed to for the option for other ones.

[14:22z] General 575 received a cle but with a traffic direction but it isn’t needed since you already said to him it was left traffic with the TO (take off) clearance .

[14:25z] The clearance was good 👍

For clearance: if you have an aircraft inbound you give him the direction but only for the first pattern, and for all aircraft already in the pattern, give just a clearance for the option, that allow the pilot to touch and go, stop and go or land. If the pilot request gor landing only, you give the landing clearance.

3. go around:

when the aircraft is going to cross the treshold but the other aircraft is still on the runway: go around, giving another exit command is useless.

4. the exit command:

you gived to us to exit and cross the runway 22 but the runway is far from the exit point so it’s not needed, exemple, this can be used in Newark.

Positive feedback:

  • good TO clearance with the direction left given good 👍
  • your sequence was good but late… but good 🙂

I think I said all, thanks for reading it and if you have any remarks, let me know and I will answer.


sorry for the late answer, I’m in the car and have other things to do

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I don’t have any other feedback, @Yukiros_31 covered it

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Ahh Finally, I’d love to hear your feedback, and yes, I’m a little basic, but still lacking in depth. Here i have some remarks…

To be honest, at this stage I felt confused and stopped for a while, thinking which command button should I command and, in the end it caused me to give instructions too late. I feel hectic especially when we’re departure.

Ok Noted. I still sometimes forget that if you do that it will cause duplicate messages sent, in essence, right?

Right, earlier here I was still confused about whether to order you to go around or keep landing.


Looking forward for the next training session with you, or maybe with @Butter575 :). If there are other things that are more detailed, feel free to DM me.


yes it is

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Hi, im about to open another session today at 2023-04-16T13:00:00Z / 13:00Z for maybe 60 minutes, depends on the traffic & field activity.

  • Yes, i might be come
  • Sorry im unable at this time

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Cc: @Yukiros_31 @Butter575, You are welcome to come back if you have free time ! :D

Now open at EDDR Tower & Ground Frequency for in 30 minutes from this reply if there is no activity!
Active runway: 09

Edit: Now closed.