Ouzi's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

this is my second thread after the previous one closed because it’s been inactive for a long time and can’t be opened anymore.


Pattern Work: Yes
Estimated next Airport: WADD

Any feedback and suggestion appreciated. Let me know where is my fault or incorrect things while controlling :)

Thanks to @MrMrMan for title correction.
A bit information, i will open my session at 2020-01-01T01:55:00Z at WAHI, make sure to enliven it!


WAHI Tower is now open, sorry for the delay, i have appointments. Let’s come on and enliven it! and train me :)

Airport: WAHI
Pattern work: Yes

Update: WAHI Tower is now closed, No one come. No problem
Estimated next airport: WADD


Im now open Tower and ground frequency at

Airport: WADD
Pattern work: Yes
I will be there for 45 minutes, Lets come on and have fun

Update: My friend ask me to meet up outside, so i ended my sesson. Thanks for those who coming!
Estimated next airport: GCLP

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