Outsourcing to the community?

Oh, alright. Not really sure on the differences there so I don’t know if this user’s idea could be converted to an open source operation. Sorry about that.

That would be wonderful!!

So that means this is possible. To the extant that the team would be willing to trust members. And not mess with the performance to much.

Only thing I could see be useful is community made liveries.

Sometimes I was to fly different GA colors

They already do that with airports, and IFAE team does a very good job…

I’ve joined it, got helpful tutorials from the community, however was too hard for me and I quit. I’d love to see this expand into other areas of Infinite Flight!!

Coding things such as lights requires a ton of work and experience so Im sure the devs would have to know the person before they can be trusted

The community is already doing the “basic” stuff already. To me the only thing the community can do and are doing is editing the airports since all the scenery imagery is provided by an external company. Anything else than that would require access to IF code or need special tools to create.


We truly appreciate the support and willingness you all show to help out, but I’m afraid it’s a bit more complicated than many of you might think.

Even though i consider myself quite experienced when it comes technical details, I’m sometimes completely clueless when some of our developers starts talking various details about rendering, how we should do this and that etc etc. It’s barely understandable for me :)

As mentioned a few times already, we have a great open source project going which is about helping us get the airports up to quality. This is where you can help out the most. The Airport Editing Team.

Details such as lights, liveries, rendering is extremely complicated especially since we’re always aiming to achieve the best possible result possible on mobile platforms.

Tack! (Thanks in Swedish, for those who have always wanted to know)


Thank you for explaining a bit more. I agree with everything you said. I know it’s not as easy as clicking a few buttons, I have basic computer networking and programming experience. I was just throwing it out there. As there are 6 thousand plus active community members. I know it won’t happen today, but maybe sometime in the future with a more stable platform and devolopment strategy that some advanced members could assist with.

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I mean making a new livery or new aircraft is not like using simple planes…

So ya, maby for stuff like airports (and that is obviously a good idea since they already do it) and maby there are some other things on that list, but once your team grown that is a new thing you need to worry about, I don’t think they want to do that…

Laura talks a bit about this in an interview. Skip to around 11:15 if you only want to hear that part. Really just reiterates what Seb has said though.
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I like this idea, I can only imagine the amount od liveries we would have after a while

What is API? And she said it they are considering it!

I’m not really strong in that field so I would use something like this to help you out.

Allowing untrained, inexperience people to develop what is aiming to be an as realistic as possible simulator is a recipe for disaster.

I think the DS did come out with an airport designer app at one point but later closed it for unknown reasons. Probably due to people editing airports to make them unrealistic

I think it would be fairly easy to limit the outsourcing to qualified people. I agree that most people would not be able to satisfy the perfection we all desire. But I do honestly believe this could tremendously take some of the weight off of the devs for a lot of the tedious repetitive low programming work.

If they could figure out an easy way to allow us community members to work on taxi lights… I’d pay more for this app. Lol

Infinite Flight Airport Editors Already layout taxiway lights while editing. So where at any moment (after FDS wants to and after they fix and handle some glitches - They could release it)

There’s more to that then said FYI