Outside Sounds like bird sounds or wind sounds in the outside camera view.

Hi guys and Infinite flight fans.
It would be really awesome for the new update if you go to the tower view that there are bird sounds and wind sound this would be more realistic i think.

I hope this comes if someone want this please vote!

I don’t think it is a good sign for the ATCs in the real world if they are hearing birds in their desk, you’re not supposed to see many birds in an airport… It’s not realistic in my opinion but as for the wind they need to be strong I believe if you want to hear them from the inside.


Bird Sounds… The one thing I Dont want to hear when flying or taxiing

I think wind sounds could definitely come in future updates. Dont forget to vote for your feature


No i mean bird singing sounds xD my English is not so good sry

What airport do you go to?

I have only EDVK in the near

Chirping Birds sounds i mean

This wouldn’t be too good at Class Bravo airports. Maybe because EDVK isn’t as big as an airport as KORD, EGLL, OMDB etc.

Its mainly used as a business and general aviation airport, so it can get really quiet without the aircraft. Wind would be more accurate but birds chirping? Not so much, although good request mate.

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