Outside of coverage area

Can someone please enlighten me? What does the ATC command mean?? Happened on Advancedimage

Depending on what frequency you are on, they might not be able to help you. For example, if you are on Los Angeles approach and you request vectors to Palm Springs International, they won’t service you because they’re meant to handle traffic inbound for Los Angeles.


It simply means that that isn’t an airport they cover


It means that the airport you requested the approach for is outside of the currently tuned frequency’s coverage. Meaning that they cannot provide service to the airport requested. In simple terms:)


Dusseldorf approach cant give you an ILS approach at Schiphol ;) Too far away :)


Coming to think of it, it was Dusseldorf approach. I just checked the map and I realised I was flying to Schipol, thanks guys

@dush19, how did you know he was on Düsseldorf Approach’s frequency?

Why did you keep requesting vectors, @SAA_A346? He had already said he can’t do it and you were instructed to change frequency.

To be honest with you and not looking down on ATC, I have seen many committing mistakes lately and thought this could be such a case. So I was a bit patient expecting ATC to correct himself/herself but then after a while thought: let me send a request again, maybe the response will be what I expected this time.

Dusseldorf Approach, A346 with you.

That’s how I knew it was EDDL app ;)

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Ah, I missed that one…

Acknowledge and keep following your flight plan and you’ll be fine :)