Outer and inner volume settings

Hey all.

One problem I face is that my cockpit volume is too quiet but when going to an exterior camera angle it becomes too loud.

Thus, I think it would be better to have two new volume bars in the settings, one for interior camera angles and the other for exterior. (These bars will just be like the one for ATC volume and SFX volume).

While this is true and I really see your point, it happens to me. What I do to have this not happen to me is move further away from the plane in normal mode before you engines have started then you should be fine once you switch from cockpit to normal, it will work all through your flight (providing you do not move in in normal mode then leave it), try it, it should work


But what about other exterior angles. Sometimes you just don’t want volume there but at the same time you don’t want to lower your phone volume. I still think the volume bars should be there.

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I completely agree and you got my vote :)