Outdated Website on IF

Look at the tip at the bottom, it shows IF’s old website, wondering if this is a bug, or just that it wasn’t updated in a while (I don’t blame the devs if it’s the latter, just asking).

This usually happens when you don’t have an internet connection. I’ve experienced this myself.

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Go to that website. It just redirects towards the new one. It’s fine, not really a huge issue.

Thanks @Henrik for changing the topic.

Actually I think they still use that feedback site

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I had WiFi, don’t know why this happened.

Really? I’ll go check…

Ryan is right. The site is still there. :)

Do they use it?

Not really. I think it’s just for the support nowadays.

I don’t see it. Nevermind, found it. I’m so stupid.

I had actually bookmarked the page, just shows you how long I’ve been playing IF. Maybe I should post an “Anyone Still Here Topic” on there now lol.

I go to the website and it shows the correct website that website is still there

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